Honda update popular Africa Twin adventure range with new looks and revised tech

POSTED: 12/10/2023

2024 Honda CRF1100 Africa Twin


More performance, increased practicality, and new looks for the Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin and CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports.


Belle Vue Honda Motorcycles' best-selling adventure bike duo – the CRF1100L Africa Twin and more road-biased, touring Africa Twin Adventure Sports – are both receiving a significant makeover for 2024.

Both get an extensively redesigned front fairing which now includes a five-way adjustable screen plus engine tweaks which boost peak torque by a claimed 7%. Both will also be compatible with Honda’s Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) semi-automatic transmission system.

The Adventure Sport also goes from a 21in to 19in front wheel with shorter suspension travel and is only available in DCT form, while the more off-road Africa Twin now also gets the option of Showa’s ‘EERA’ electronic suspension.

Originally launched as the single CRF1000L Africa Twin in 2015, the first upgrade came in 2018 when the Adventure Sport variant, with an enlarged 24 litre tank and more rugged, off-road looks was added.

That appeal increased further in 2020 when both grew to 1100cc boosting power from a claimed 94 to 100bhp. There was also a new TFT dash, and improved electronics, and the duo’s roles were revised slightly with the standard ‘Twin becoming the more off-road orientated bike and the AS the road-biased tourer.

Back to the present day, the new aggressively designed front fairing is intended to make long-range road riding more comfortable and features a new, larger, five-way adjustable screen made out of environmentally friendly materials.

The engine remains 1084cc with a peak power of 100bhp but has more power and torque in the low and middle ranges. Peak torque is 7% higher, at 83lb.ft, and delivered earlier, at 5500rpm instead of 6250rpm. This comes via higher compression (from 10.1:1 to 10.5:1), changes to the valve timing, intake ports, and ECU settings, plus a new exhaust.

The more touring-orientated Adventure Sports, which in 2022 accounted for 56% of European Africa Twin sales, gets even more long distance, on-road appeal.

There’s a smaller 19in front wheel (from 21in), wider front tyre, and 20mm shorter suspension stroke from its standard ‘EERA’ suspension to improve manageability and road handling. There’s also a new seat with 15mm thicker cushion.

The standard, more off-road Africa Twin, meanwhile, now has the option of the ‘EERA’ system. 

Interesting Facts:

• More power and torque in the low and mid rev range with max torque increased by 7%, delivered earlier in the rev range.

• CRF1100L Africa Twin now available with optional Showa EERA™ suspension

• The balance of CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports performance becomes more weighted on-road with the addition of a 19-inch front wheel and shorter suspension travel.

• Both models feature an extensive front fairing redesign and a 5-stage DUARABIO™ height adjustable screens



Model.            Type    Front Wheel                                                                                                 Description                              

CRF1100A        L1        21"                    CRF1100L                                                                              Small Tank Manual

CRF1100A3      L3        21"                    CRF1100L - Small Tank + Electronic Suspension                        Small Tank Manual Electric Suspension

CRF1100D3      L3        21"                    CRF1100L - DCT - Small Tank + Electronic Suspension               Small Tank DCT Electric Suspension

CRF1100D4      L4        19"                    CRF1100L - Adventure Sports - DCT - Electronic Suspension       Big Tank DCT Electric Suspension Adventure Sports


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