Why You Should Consider a Second-hand Motorbike
Why You Should Consider a Second-hand Motorbike

Why You Should Consider a Second-hand Motorbike

16 December 2021

Buying second-hand motorbikes isn’t just about being a bit of a skinflint. For many people, the hunt, the deal and getting a bargain are just as much of a buzz as riding the thing! Bought well, second-hand motorbikes offer a great proposition as many bikes have incredibly low mileage on their clocks and their condition is almost like new. 


Less Expensive


It’s not uncommon for a new bike to lose 50% of its value in the first three years. The average mileage for a motorbike is 2,500 miles a year, so you could pick up a 3-year-old bike with 5,000 miles on the clock for a fraction of its original price. This decrease in price will mean it is significantly cheaper than if you were to buy brand new from a dealership.


A Better Understanding


You can research second-hand motorbikes to see if the model is correctly suited to you; you can see what it can do, modifications you can make etc. Motorbikes that are a few years old are cheaper to run. For a start, they’re worth less and will be cheaper to insure. There will also be a lot more spare and aftermarket parts on the market, meaning replacement parts are more affordable and easier to come by.


More Choice 


Buying brand new from motorcycle dealers will limit the models typically of that year or the year before. Buying a second-hand model means you can have a choice of bikes, from new to vintage classics, that otherwise wouldn’t be available. By doing your research, you can also gain the global knowledge of a particular model’s traits.


As a buyer of a used motorbike, you’ll have a far greater choice and, with that, more buying power. If you want the latest, greatest sports bike, the chances are others will too. The result? You may have to join a dealer’s waiting list or pay a premium for that bike. Not so with the used market, where you’ll be spoilt for choice, especially if a model has run for years.


Why choose BVM? 


Buying from a trusted second-hand dealership means you can have peace of mind as opposed to buying a used bike from a private seller. Belle Vue Motorcycles is a premium Honda dealership, established in 1935. We have a vast selection of high quality, low-mileage used motorbikes from all bike manufacturers to choose from at our showroom. You are welcome to come and have a browse around – the coffee machine is always on!


At Belle Vue Motorcycles, we believe in giving you the best possible value-for-money on all  of our used motorbikes. In addition to all of our normal dealer services, we undertake the following by one of our factory trained technicians on all second-hand motorbikes:-


A PDI check – carried out by one of our trained technicians

Oil & oil filter will be changed

Any remedial works completed as required

HPI check done – so you can have peace of mind about the bike’s history

An Optimate charging lead will be fitted – to ease maintenance

Your used bike will come with a new MOT

Your used bike will come with a minimum 3 month warranty


Our Showroom is open Monday to Saturday, 9.00am to 6.00pm. Please feel free to browse our current stock and remember, if you can’t find what you are looking for, by all means contact us, and we will do our utmost to find the right bike for you.

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