Top tips for preparing for your motorcycle's MOT. 
Top tips for preparing for your motorcycle's MOT. 

Top tips for preparing for your motorcycle's MOT. 

1 June 2020

Is your motorcycle nearly due for it’s MOT? We have some tips for you to follow when it comes to preparing for the MOT service. Here at Belle Vue Motors, we’re an official Honda Motorcycle dealership selling used motorcycles in Southend on Sea. Our team of fully qualified staff are here to carry out services on both your motorcycle or your car. We also provide warranty and repair services in our team of factory-trained and licenced motorcycle mechanics. 


Belle Vue also has a modern MOT test centre and can MOT both cars and motorcycles. Plus as part of the service, will send you a free MOT reminder next year. Why don’t you get in touch with our team to find out more? At our showroom, we have a wide range of used motorcycles for sale

Top tips. 


  • Check your tyres, Before taking your bike for its MOT check the tyres. Do they have the correct tread depth? Make sure you check to see if they’re fitted correctly. If you have been involved in an accident or have recently tampered with your bike, check the wheel alignment. 
  • Check your lights, Take a look to see if your lights are working correctly and that the controls are working too. Take a look to see if your headlamp is facing the right direction. If you’ve had a warning light come up, take a look at what needs changing. There is the option for you to replace the bulb. It’s key for your brake lights to be working, if not this could be very dangerous. 
  • Rear reflector, Without a rear reflector you won’t pass your MOT. If you don’t have one, go out and buy one. This is vital for you to pass successfully. 
  • Check your petrol cap, it can be very dangerous for you to be driving around with your petrol cap unscrewed or broken. Take a look at your petrol cap and fix this if you are having troubles with this. Petrol leaking can be very harmful not just to you, but to other drivers as well. 
  • Check your horn, Check to see if this is working before you leave for your MOT. 
  • Check the nuts and bolts on your bike, It’s important for you to check the bolts are correctly screwed in, tighten them to make sure they’re secure. You should do this on a regular basis to make sure your motorcycle is running smoothly and efficiently.
  • Check your brake pads, If your brakes aren’t working this is an instant fail in your MOT. This can be highly dangerous, if your brakes aren’t working correctly you need to get this seen to immediately.    
  • Check your exhaust pipe, This can earlier start to leak if this is the case you won’t pass your MOT. If you find that it is leaking, get it checked straight away. 



If you find there is something wrong with your bike, don’t wait for your MOT to fail, get it fixed beforehand. If you cannot fix it yourself and you need our expert advice, bring your bike down to our showroom. If you’re looking for a used motorcycle in Essex, we can help you today! 

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