Top tips for buying a used Honda Motorcycle
Top tips for buying a used Honda Motorcycle

Top tips for buying a used Honda Motorcycle

17 December 2020

Top tips for buying a used Honda Motorcycle


If you are looking for used Honda motorcycles for sale, buying one from a reputable dealer may be something to look into. Here at Belle Vue Motorcycles in Essex, we sell a huge range of quality used Honda bikes to get you out enjoying the freedom of the road on two wheels.

While our team of staff are well-versed in Honda motorcycles and know everything there is to know about one of the most popular motorbike brands in the world, we have a few tips to share to help you when buying a used Honda motorcycle.

Research your bike

The most important thing to do before heading into a dealer is to know everything there is to know about the bike you are intending to look at and eventually buy. First of all; is it suitable for you? If you are new to the two-wheeled life, you may want to stay away from the higher powered models. However, if you are an experienced biker, a smaller bike may lack the power and handling that you want. Find out how the Honda motorcycle is generally expected to handle, which parts should come as standard and what it should look like so that you can question anything that seems out of place or unusual.  Our used Honda motorcycles team will be happy to talk you through anything that you are unsure of or want to know more about.

Don’t buy the first one that you see

Of course, sometimes the first bike that you take a look at is the right one for you, but before you hand over your hard-earned cash, take a look at some others. Not only may you end up pleasantly surprised, but it also allows you to take a more objective look at the one that catches your eye. Talk to our motorcycle experts – they have been helping people choose used Honda motorcycles in Essex for many years and can guide you to other models that may be just what you didn’t know you were looking for. 

Give yourself plenty of time

A motorcycle is a huge investment, and not just in terms of the money that you spend. Most bikers will tell you that biking is so much more than a way of getting from A to B; it is a lifestyle. The last thing that you want to do is rush into buying something and it not being quite what you wanted. Our staff at Belle Vue will give you the time and space that you need to make a decision, as well as offering advice as and when you want or need it. Want to spend an hour looking over a bike? Go ahead. Want to have a chat with someone about their thoughts on the used Honda motorcycle? Feel free. We want you to feel confident with the bike that you take home.


There’s a reason why people buy used Honda motorcycles; it is because they are brand renowned for reliability and quality. Pay a visit to Belle Vue Motorcycles, Essex’s leading used Honda motorcycle dealer to find out more.

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