Preparing Your Motorcycle For Winter
Preparing Your Motorcycle For Winter

Preparing Your Motorcycle For Winter

17 December 2020

Preparing Your Motorcycle For Winter

Riding a motorcycle comes with risks on a normal dry summer day. Factor in the dark, wet, and cold and it becomes a little riskier. This is why it is imperative you prepare your motorcycle so you can ride safely, knowing you have done all the necessary checks. We’ve compiled a few tips to help you get started so that you can have a worry-free winter.

How Should You Prepare Your Motorcycle?

There are many ways you can prepare your motorcycle for winter. Here are a few ways we think will be beneficial and put your mind at ease:

  1. Protect your motorcycle from ice damage – As the months get colder and wetter, you will need to prevent moisture from getting trapped in your bike as it will freeze, leading to the metal becoming more brittle over time. To prevent this, you should regularly lubricate your drive-chain and clutch cable before and after riding. Also, for bikes with a liquid cooling system, you should use fresh antifreeze in the water tank and thoroughly flush through your motorcycle.
  2. Get a service – We know you probably do this regularly, but it is always good to have one done as the season’s change.
  3. Give your bike a clean – This may seem mediocre, however, your bike collects grit and road debris, which can lead to a rusted bike. Try and clean your motorcycle after every ride to avoid rusting, this will save you money on parts in the long tun. It would help if you also thought about investing in some surface protection fluid.
  4. Check your tyres – First, check your tyres tread, if they are worn, they will not give you the grip you need when riding on icy or wet roads. If your tread is okay, the next thing you will need to check is your tyre pressure. Good tyre pressure makes a big difference in your handling. 
  5. Practice braking – If you have been riding all summer, you are probably used to your braking habits. A change in weather can affect your braking speed massively, find a secluded area, and practice braking on a slippery or icy road. Don’t overdo it and have someone watching you just in case your braking is not up to scratch.


How Should You Prepare Yourself?

Not only should you prepare your motorcycle for winter but also yourself. We’ve got a few tips on how to do this:

  1. Layer up – Riding with the wrong gear on is dangerous and irresponsible. With the colder months here, make sure you layer up with thermals and a waterproof jacket. A pair of thermal inner gloves are a must to help insulate your hands so you can drive effectively.
  2. Know when not to ride – There are some weather conditions that you should just not ride in. Before every ride, check the weather forecast so you don’t get caught short.
  3. Practice riding – Wearing heavier clothes might throw you off balance, find a safe journey to practice writing in your winter clothes.

Now you have an idea on how to prepare your motorcycle and yourself for winter, you can rest easy and ride knowing you are prepared and safer for doing it.


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