Motorbike Maintenance Checklist
Motorbike Maintenance Checklist

Motorbike Maintenance Checklist

17 December 2020

Motorbike Maintenance Checklist

Here at Belle vue Motors, we want to give you an insight into the latest Motorbike Checklist. We have some top tips for you to follow in order to keep the condition of your bike immaculate.

Assess the Exterior of the Motorbike.

First things first when buying a new motorbike, you need to make sure that the bike is visually well presented with no scratches and bumps. You want to make sure that the motorbike you are buying is in tip-top condition, so take a thorough look at the exterior of the bike before you do anything else. Further to this, you need to make sure that the number plate is eligible and seen from any angle, your number plate should be clearly visible to be deemed safe to drive. 

Check the Tyre Pressure: It is highly recommended that you follow the specific guidelines for the tyre pressure of your wheels if you are unsure feel free to talk to our team here at Belle vue Motors. Your tyres need to be warm to be able to be inflated to the right pressure, the warmth will allow you to reach the ideal pressure and tread depth. If your tyre pressure gets too low, you will find that more friction is created and the heat which is coming off with end up causing further damage.

Change the oil: This may be your first motorbike which you have bought, therefore you need to treat it in the same way you would treat your car. Regularly check the fluid levels of your motorbike to ensure that it is working to the best ability. The oil helps the engine of your motorcycle to run smoothly, if you have low oil levels this will put additional strain onto the engine and the components of the bike.

Top Tip make sure that your engine is warm when checking the oil levels as this will give the oil time to run to the bottom giving you an accurate reading. Oil tends to expand when it’s warm, so if you full this to the maximum level when it’s cold there could be a risk of the oil overflowing.  

Check the Battery life: Whether your bike is struggling to start or you’re looking to prevent your motorbike from getting to this crucial stage, it is essential that you check your battery often. If your bike is struggling to start, this could be due to a dead battery, take it to a professional and they will be able to sort this for you. 

Check the Fluid Levels: Bike fluids play a large role in the motorbike’s engine and are one of the most important factors which needs to be checked on a regular basis when carrying out a full maintenance on your motorbike.

Check the nuts and bolts: This will help deem whether or not your bike is safe to drive, this needs to be carried out frequently to assess the loose bolts which need to be tightened. Take a closer look into the pipes and mufflers which are in a continuous battle against the vibration of the bike, it is inevitable that the bolts will start to loosen.

 Check Previous Service History and MOTs: Before purchasing your new bike, it is essential that you have a full-service history and MOT for your motorcycle. This will give you peace of mind as you will have a full record of all of the work which has been done on the motorbike. If you are going to be spending a significant amount of money on a new bike, it is crucial that you take great care in your new purchase.

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