How to prepare your motorbike for the winter
How to prepare your motorbike for the winter

How to prepare your motorbike for the winter

30 September 2021

Preparing your bikes ready for winter is essential, both for your safety and that of your motorbike. With bitterly cold weather, salt scattered across the roads, and ice-covered slippery conditions, you need to protect your bike from withstanding the winter, rain, and snow. 


Fortunately, preparing your motorbike for winter doesn’t have to be as complicated or time-consuming as you might expect, so read on to uncover a variety of helpful tips and tricks that can help you get ready for the prolonged periods of snow and ice in no time at all. 


  1. Get The Right Tyres


Cold conditions change how tyres work overtime, and subsequently, any soft sports rubber will not perform as it should. If you already have the right tyres for long winter periods, then be sure to check their condition to confirm they are still in good condition. 


  1. Check Your Tyre Pressure 


Winter weather can fluctuate, causing air pressure to rise and fall, so it’s always a good idea to check your tyre pressure once every week to keep it at a safe and comfortable level. 


  1. Check Your Battery 


Extreme temperatures cause oil to thicken in its consistency, which means your battery has to work harder to crank over the motor. Making sure your battery works well is vital, so switch the engine off and check your battery’s resting voltage. This should be at least 12.6v if it’s in good working condition, but lightly greasing the battery’s terminals and tightening all the connections can help if not. Alternatively, remove the battery and opt for a replacement.  


  1. Use Anti-Freeze


You should always use a proper coolant with antifreeze properties and make a conscious effort to change this liquid regularly to avoid the degradation of your fuel system. Using nothing but water could lead to issues, so avoid making this mistake. 


  1. Clean Your Lights 


Ensure your headlights are in good working order and give them a quick wipe to remove any salt encrustation leftover after driving on gritted roads. Keeping them clean will help achieve optimal performance through the thick fog, but additional accessories such as front fog lights or LED indicators can also be of benefit. 


  1. Keep Your Hands Warm


Investing in a set of heated grips will help to keep your hands warm,  as the grips have heating elements embedded inside of them, which are powered by the bike’s 12v system. Expecting ice-cold fingers with low blood circulation could cause you to lose grip, which is most definitely something you want to avoid. 


  1. Lubricate Chains


The cold weather and excess salt on the roads can destroy your bike’s chain, so regular cleaning and lubrication are always recommended. Find a quality lubricant and apply it to your chain whenever it looks or feels a little worn out. 


  1. Remove Rust


Finding an anti-corrosion product can protect your motorbike from the effects of salt-based corrosion. An anti-corrosion product will coat the most vulnerable parts of your bike with a fine film that then acts as a solid barrier to prevent oxidation. Always use an anti-corrosion product in combination with regular complete cleaning to maintain optimum performance.

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